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Yarn Sale!

My beloved LYS, Yes Yarn, had a yarn sale (40% off) this weekend so I indulged in some guilt free shopping. Yay! As you can see, there’s quite a bit of cream, lavender, and violet Encore in the pile. That should be enough to finish up the LTK ‘ghan. There’s a ball of black Encore too. The Man-child has asked me to knit a hat from the Hat Attack pattern for him in his favorite fashion color and he choose Encore since it’ll put up with being tossed into the washer. The two skeins of rosy mauve are a blanket for Ella in the planning stages. At the top of the photo are some lovely sock yarns. I intend to become proficient at sock knitting this year so I had to prepare my stash didn’t I? I’m now in possession of enough yarn for at least half a dozen pairs of socks. Yes, most of them are purple or include purple in their colorways. Why do you ask? ~g~
Three of these balls of yarn aren’t actually mine. At the center of the yarn orgy, right next to the purple Trekking, you can see two balls of red 127 Print. The Man-child intends to knit himself a scarf from those lovely balls of yarn. His third ball (doesn’t quite sound right does it?) is the textured, variegated grey Blissful on the right hand side just above the cream Encore. He says it’s to be an “elephant or something”. When he says something it really could be something. He’s created some interesting things with yarn & hook lately.

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