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Here’s another LTK mosaic square. If you’ve seen the photo in the book or knitted the square yourself you may notice that there’s something not quite right with this square. that’s because I’m a left-handed mirror knitter. See those little stair steps? The photo in the book shows those stair steps going up towards the left. Mirror knitting affects cables in a similar fashion, but cables are easy to compensate for–just do a cable back anytime the pattern says cable front and vice versa. With pieces like this square it’s no big deal to settle for a “mirrored” piece. I’m not sure what effect it would have on a garment like a sweater. Could cause ghastly decreases. Probably good cause for serious swatching, perhaps even going so far as to re-write the stitch pattern.

The fabric of this square is highly textured. The center stitch of each of the chained squares almost disappears and the outlining chains of squares stand out not only to the eye, but to the touch as well. One of the best things about the process of knitting this square was the sudden realization that once I’d knit the first few stitches of any row in the pattern I didn’t need to refer back to the pattern to continue. I could read my knitting well enough to continue knitting in pattern. I’m relying more on my knitting than the pattern now. A very good thing since the patterns are becoming progressively more complex. Ms. Walker is a brilliant teacher.


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