Knitting therapy

Sophie, herself has helped me to regain my knitting mojo. Recently I bought some lovely yarn to knit her a sweater. With her passing, I couldn’t bear looking at that yarn–much less consider knitting it. My dear LYS owner allowed me to exchange the yarn for a different yarn. So now I’m knitting a blankie for The Snuggles Project in her memory. Once again, knitting proves itself to be excellent therapy.


Thank you Sophie

Sophie’s struggle has ended. Yesterday afternoon, with her family around her, her head resting in my palm, she departed this life.

Thus, my silence on this blog yesterday. Words cannot express the depth of my affection for her, nor my sadness at her loss. I am grateful for every moment of her life. I am thankful for her companionship, her friendship, and her affection. Her presence in my life. I miss her inexpressibly.

She’s still rather ill, but she’s home. Currently she’s curled into a small fluffy blanket on the desk between the keyboard and the monitor, a favorite spot. The vet’s sent her home with orders for a special diet, meds, and subq fluids. In a few days we’ll have to take her back for a redo on the blood-work to check her kidney function again.

I have literally knitted not one bit since she’s been in hospital. Every time I’ve knitted; I’ve ended up doing something knitiotic and had to rip it back out. So I’ve stuck to reading braincandy. Maybe tonight with an old Cary Grant movie on the TV and Sophie in my lap I’ll find my knitting Mojo again.


She’s still not feeling well. We (the Man-Child & I) visited with her for awhile at the vet’s today. No real news to offer yet. We won’t know much more until more tests are done tomorrow.

Sick furbaby

For the next couple of days I suspect I won’t quite be myself. My beloved canine companion, Sophie, is more than a little under the weather. The vet isn’t happy with her bloodwork and he’s keeping her there for treatment & observation for the next couple of days. If you happen to be inclined I’d appreciate any good vibes you could send her way. She, like all furry companions, is a very special creature.

Picking up stitches

Still tinkering with the socks. It’s the picking up along the heel flap that’s had me mystified. I’ve picked up before, but all my previous experience with picking up involved EZ’s Baby Surprise Jackets–this means I picked up along the side of a bit of garter stitch. Now I’m wrestling with picking up along slipped stitches to start the gusset on a sock. You wouldn’t think it such a different sort of beast, but it’s managed to confound me. Fortunately; Theresa over at Knitty.com comes to my rescue once again with another wonderful tutorial. The tutorial covers not just picking up along the slipped stitches of a heel flap, but also goes into detail on picking up stitches for a cardigan button band. Brilliant stuff.

NaBloPoMo & Pizza

Last night I spent some time knitting while watching TV with my family. A commercial touting a certain pizza delivery chain appeared and declared it to be National Pizza Month. The Man-Child’s eyes lit up. Since he’d already had dinner, this could only mean one thing. He was about to offer an astute, yet amusing observation. Sure ’nuff he said “Mom you’re doing that national blog month thing and it’s National Pizza Month? That must mean it’s National Geek Month!” Almost made me wish we’d had pizza instead of Chinese take-out for dinner. *g*