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Today we had our final sock class at Yes Yarn and encountered kitchener stitch. After much angst and discussion the class members have managed to make some lovely socks. Including B.’s lovely sock of self striping yarn that “by luck”, or so she claims *g* matches it’s mate perfectly. Last week E. told us about Silver’s Sock class. It’s an amazing online set of sock classes. I mentioned the site to B. while at the shop, but couldn’t remember the exact link so I promised her that I’d post the link here for her to find. Here it is. If you click on the tutorial for the sock knitted on DPNs and scroll down to the bottom you’ll see a link for “grafting the toe”. Click there and you’ll be taken to some excellent instructions for kitchener stitch with marvelous photos.


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Picking up stitches

Still tinkering with the socks. It’s the picking up along the heel flap that’s had me mystified. I’ve picked up before, but all my previous experience with picking up involved EZ’s Baby Surprise Jackets–this means I picked up along the side of a bit of garter stitch. Now I’m wrestling with picking up along slipped stitches to start the gusset on a sock. You wouldn’t think it such a different sort of beast, but it’s managed to confound me. Fortunately; Theresa over at Knitty.com comes to my rescue once again with another wonderful tutorial. The tutorial covers not just picking up along the slipped stitches of a heel flap, but also goes into detail on picking up stitches for a cardigan button band. Brilliant stuff.

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nablo07120x240.jpgAnd we’re off! NaBloPoMo starts today. Thousands of bloggers have vowed to post every day for the entire month of November. Can we do it? Will we be driven to the desperation of blogging posts that are mere statements of “Here’s my daily post.”? We shall see. Hopefully we’ll be inspired to new heights of creativity during our month long marathon. At the very least, we’ll write more…and we all know what practice makes.


Last night I got a little knitting done, but not much. Mostly I fiddled with the socks and had myself an epiphany. There’s a good reason why several of us in the sock class kept coming up with an odd stitch when we turned our heels. While reading the sock recipe in _Knitting Rules_ (Thank you Stephanie Pearl-McPhee A.K. A. The Yarn Harlot) I came along a sidebar that suggests that if you arrive at the heel flap with an odd number of stitches that it would be a good idea to decrease by one stitch. Thus giving yourself an even number of stitches for that heel flap. Our sock instructor, talented knitter that she is, learned to knit at her grandmother’s knee. When it came time for sock class she taught us as she had been taught. Decrease by one stitch before beginning the flap for every sock–because that’s the way it’s done. Since we weren’t all working on the same number of stitches, not all of us needed to make that decrease. I usually don’t accept the phrase “because that’s the way it’s done”. I’m not sure why I did then, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be less likely to accept it in the future. Now–I’m off to knit.




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As you can see from the delay between LTK square postings I’ve been engaging in multiple projects lately. My LYS offered a sock class and I jumped in joyfully. I’ve wanted to learn socks for a long time and just haven’t had the support to keep me going past the cuff. As you can see I’ve made it beyond the cuff this time. *s* I know the photo is a bit fuzzy. I’ll try to get better photos of my progress as I complete the gusset. A class has made a major difference in my understanding of the how & why of sockknitting. Having an instructor helps, of course. But the support and assistance of other knitters is invaluable when facing a knitting challenge. My thanks to you all. Especially to Margaret, our beloved yarn temptress, for allowing us to converge at her shop to knit for hours on end.

In spite of appearances the LTK afghan hasn’t gone entirely without attention. Square 7 was a lot of fun to work up. The curves of the pattern appear as if by magic. The ribs are twisted and the garter stitch is created by purling on both sides of the fabric. Next will be the rose fabric square which involves knitting into the stitch below.

In addition to the socks and the LTK I’m working on a scarf for the American Cancer Society sale. I happened to have some Allure in my stash drawer in a lovely shade of teal so I cast it on lengthwise for a long skinny scarf. Since it’s all scrunched up on the cable of a circular at the moment, we’ll have to wait until it’s cast off to see how it turns out.

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Man was this one fun to knit up. I now have _no_ fear of knitting or purling in the back of a stitch. This ‘ghan is definitely improving my knitting skills.

Speaking of knitting skills, my first sock class was this past Friday. Our instructor is patience itself–and she has an impressive collection of socks to flash if you ask her about variations on the basic sock. She was even so kind as to allow me to try on one of her creations.

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