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nablo07120x240.jpgAnd we’re off! NaBloPoMo starts today. Thousands of bloggers have vowed to post every day for the entire month of November. Can we do it? Will we be driven to the desperation of blogging posts that are mere statements of “Here’s my daily post.”? We shall see. Hopefully we’ll be inspired to new heights of creativity during our month long marathon. At the very least, we’ll write more…and we all know what practice makes.


Last night I got a little knitting done, but not much. Mostly I fiddled with the socks and had myself an epiphany. There’s a good reason why several of us in the sock class kept coming up with an odd stitch when we turned our heels. While reading the sock recipe in _Knitting Rules_ (Thank you Stephanie Pearl-McPhee A.K. A. The Yarn Harlot) I came along a sidebar that suggests that if you arrive at the heel flap with an odd number of stitches that it would be a good idea to decrease by one stitch. Thus giving yourself an even number of stitches for that heel flap. Our sock instructor, talented knitter that she is, learned to knit at her grandmother’s knee. When it came time for sock class she taught us as she had been taught. Decrease by one stitch before beginning the flap for every sock–because that’s the way it’s done. Since we weren’t all working on the same number of stitches, not all of us needed to make that decrease. I usually don’t accept the phrase “because that’s the way it’s done”. I’m not sure why I did then, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be less likely to accept it in the future. Now–I’m off to knit.





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51w6xyggy3l_aa240_.jpgMy current big project is the afghan from Barbara Walker’s Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book. The pattern suggests 4 colors. I’ve decided to knit it in Plymouth Yarn’s Encore in deep purple, light purple, and cream. Colors A & B being light colors and C & D being darks. The deep purple will serve for both C & D in my ‘ghan. Cream is A and light purple is B. At this point, I’m fairly certain that I’ll join them with a deep shade of apricot to highlight the individuality of the squares.

After some experimentation, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to choose a needle size for this ‘ghan is to swatch in moss stitch rather than stocking stitch (or anything else flat). Many of the squares in this book are highly textured and they’ll look much better if they’re knit a little more tightly than you might ordinarily knit with the chosen yarn.

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