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When I completed this square I was so very pleased.  It LTK sq 11had been quite a challenge, but I managed to deal with all those stitches slipped with yarn in back and with yarn in front.  I bound it off and proudly held it up for my husband to admire.  He’s a muggle, but he’s polite one–he immediately offered up a very specific compliment.  "I like how those two in the middle look like they’re holding hands.".  ACK!  I looked at the square again.  Sure enough, there in the middle of the square, is indeed, a pair of motifs "holding hands" because I slipped a stitch with the yarn on the front rather than the back side of the work.  I could not make myself rip it out.  I simply could not.  So when I was next at the LYS it was still in my basket folded up with another recently finished square.  The ladies had a look and declared it a very charming mistake.  Upon hearing the tale of my husband’s reaction to the square they insisted that I should let it lie and count it among the lovelier squares of the ‘ghan.  So I am learning yet another lesson thanks  to Barbara Walker, my family, and friends-in-yarn.  A mistake can be more charming than perfection.  Some errors should simply be let go. 


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