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This square required a new skill for me. I’ve never done mosaic knitting before. This involved the feat of slipping stitches not once, but twice (on two passes) before knitting them again. I thought it couldn’t be done. I thought my square would come out with tight rucked up ridges. Wrong on both counts. It did require frequent tinking and obsessive pattern checking. And against the advice of friends I actually frogged a couple of inches once because I’d forgotten to slip a stitch in the right place. But here it is at last and I’m quite pleased with it. I can’t wait to see how the next one turns out.

This particular square is done in stockinette so it curls quite a lot. I still haven’t found the perfect spot to take decent digital photos of knitting yet so this image is a scan. The edges are a bit wonky since the scanner doesn’t like having its lid left open. Can’t say I blame it.

For the curious among you here’s another scan of the same square. This time from the back. Why you ask? Because when I pulled it out of my bag at YesYarn last week to show off to share with my knitbuddies the first thing someone did was flip it over and smooth it out to inspect the back. I’d have done the same thing. Being a cross-stitcher I just wouldn’t have been able to help myself. We cross stitchers seem to have a collective obsession with the backs of things.


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